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Our Story

OhSith was born out of the Dark Enforcers without the DE Nicholas would not have been prepared with the tools and resources necessary to take on the endeavor of being the first polyamorous podcast show that focuses primarily on games, movies, and comics. From this they formed the first ever cosplay modeling agency. As well as help aspiring novelists in the nerd/geek community. OhSith LLC  also wanted to give an apparel line called SpawnPoint to the nerd/geek community, and also have a youtube channel and team producing regular content and a amazing livestream team featuring amazing talented gamers. Things are always looking up and for 17 going on 18 years the legacy that was started with the Demonic Assasins has continued now in the form of OhSith LLC  and the family members that makes this dream community a reality every single day.

  • Nicholas Karasoulis Chief Executive Officer Nicholas Karasoulis
  • Chris Gonzalez Xbox/Website Designer Chris Gonzalez
  • Cecily Karasoulis Cosplay/Apparel Cecily Karasoulis
  • Yvonne Zitnan Talent Mangement/Recruitment Yvonne Zitnan
  • Vexel Brand Manager Vexel
  • Dark Blade PS4 Leader Dark Blade