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DE is now in South Park Phone Destroyer

POSTED BY dedarkdeathwing November 24, 2017

Well, yeah I have to say it. South Park phone destroyer is the Gaming Mobile Card Game Hybrid we all wanted and didn’t even know it.

It’s a simple RPG that has you taking the role of the unnamed “new kid” that is only mentioned in their video games. The new kid has been in the first south park game “The Stick of Truth”, the latest console sequel “The Fractured But Whole”. And, now in this mobile game. This game is sure to blow your wallet into the sun as you grind to get the best cards, coins, and gear to level up each character.

The pvp battle system is flawless as long as you have an internet connection. I did experience some lag as I was so hooked on the game I was playing it on the highway. Probably not the best time. The game has South Park’s meta humor as you encounter “power fist” which is Dougie cosplaying as Doomfist from overwatch. It takes you from cowboys and indians, to sci-fi. I met Star Trek token. Which they purposefully did as he was one of the few African American’s featured in Star Trek TNG. Blame my father. I’m not a Star Trek fan but, yes I know the characters thanks to him.

This game actually makes you think about how to arrange your deck for their deep story mode which I really haven’t done since my days as a Yu-gi-oh! player. You even have the traditional RPG element of replaying the level on a higher difficulty for better loot. Speaking of which, the loot is hidden behind lockers where you take three guesses to get the 3 pieces of loot after every match. This increases the replayability if you guessed wrong.

South Park Phone Destroyer yes it is a cash grab. Which they even made fun of in the past with “freemium games” which this obviously is. But, you can still play for free and have a great time. It really is a game that is what you make of it. It tests your patience, knowledge, reflexes, and ability to not part with real life currency. Myself, and Monzter Joe have already jumped on the train of this game’s hype. Seeing him higher than me in PVP rankings actually drove me to catch up to him. This is that sort of game. But, the only way to experience it is to give it a go, and join our division where you can help clanmates by donating duplicate cards to rank their’s up.

So, I’ll see you on the battlefield new kid, in the meantime here’s south park with some advice before you start.


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