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State of XD

POSTED BY ohsith January 15, 2018
State of xD Address
When xD first started in January 2017 we had a total of 5 people, later on that same month we got an offer to join the Dark Enforcers Gaming Network. When the choice was made to join the network two of the members didn’t feel it was a good choice so they left to do their own thing. The remaining members (YourShadow xD, xDz Omega, and Itz Shero xD) joined the network and slowly started to build xD. We already had a small presence in Call of Duty with our competitive CoD team lead by Mirage. We were awaiting a highly anticipated game (Destiny 2) to hit the ground running.

When Destiny 2 came out we did just that, since September 6th we have grown from the original 3 to 50+ members. We can proudly say that we’re very happy with our growth, but we are no where near content. With 2018 just starting we’re planning on growing xD and the network we are in. We would like to take this moment to announce we’re starting a Fortnite and PUBG division(s) and we look forward to finding players that want to compete in tournaments for these games.

We are going to be working with a twitch community to help not only our streamers reach affilate/partnered, but them as well. It’s not going to happen over night, it takes hard work and dedication to make a successful stream. Since I (YourShadow xD) joined the twitch community, I have witnessed 6 people get affiliated within my first month of joining. This gives me hope that we can come together and support eachother and further our lives. Showing others in the community and network your support not only helps them, but they show the support right back by doing the same thing and helping you reach your goals.

In closing we’re excited to find what this new year has in store for us. Just remember through the highs and lows we’re family and the bonds that tie us together are stronger then anything and we will never fail under pressure. We will show our force in the new year, EXPECT US.

Creator of Xtreme DefianZe
Matthew Kelce aka YourShadow xD

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